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Hospitality Solutions (HS) has partnered with Windham Designs (WD), Louisville Kentucky to re-brand and re-position Hospitality Solutions for its new growth and direction.

Logan Coykendall, President of Hospitality Solutions says, “Our company has outgrown our logo and our new business developments have required us to re-asses our name, logo and positioning. No longer solely a hotel management provider, out name Hospitality Management Solutions limited our offerings.”

Hospitality Solutions hired Louisville based Windham Designs to develop the new logo and website. Tom Windham, President and Creative Director of Windham Designs, felt this was a great opportunity for HS to reposition themselves. “We needed to move away from their linear direction and establish a new three tier business structure. They’ve outgrown their old name Hospitality Management Solutions and now it is important to include their new business offerings for Property Development, Investment and Employment to their portfolio.”

By combining the new brand design and website, it allows us to quickly categorize and communicate these developments to clients, employees and investors.


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